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Recently, the non-profit organization “Reporters’ Without Borders” released their annual “Press Freedom” index, ranking the United States 46th in overall press freedom. So, it may come as no surprise that today’s media has abdicated their responsibility to keep government honest. We are all aware of the First Amendment protecting the press freedom, and that’s because the press should be, in essence, the fourth branch, holding government (including local) both accountable and transparent. Clearly, the press has failed in this regard. We aim to forgo “political access” and bias in favor of reporting the truth and exposing corruption at all levels of government.

Would You Jail Rosa Parks?

If you sat on a jury today in Pennsylvania, in most states, and especially right here in Luzerne County that is exactly what you would need to do if you believed the words of most if not all sitting Judges. Why do I say that, sounds crazy does it not? Unfortunately, not so. The Judge will instruct the jury that it must uphold the law as he or she gives it. The Judge will be lying. The jury must judge the law as well as the facts.